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If you prefer pie of the apple variety and like your guitars to be steel-stringed then you'll feel right at home with Nashville Sessions, the latest library of country and western riffs from Big Fish Audio. Continuing the company's tradition for hunting down the best musicians around and creating the most authentic packs humanly possible, Big Fish Audio has captured some of the most talented session players in Nashville, Tennessee, and recorded a fine collection of 22 instrumental construction kits.

The library comes on a dual-layer DVD and features 3GB of 24-bit audio material in Acid wav, Apple Loops, Rex2 and Stylus RMX formats. The 22 kits cover traditional as well as current country and western styles, ranging from 80 to 150bpm in various keys. Each folder contains all the individual instrument sections, with intros, outros and several variations. This offers up plenty of audio material as each piece of music features a combination of bass, drums, acoustic, electric, lead, rhythm and pedal steel guitar, plus fiddle and, occasionally, mandolin and piano.

As we've come to expect from Big Fish Audio, the production throughout is flawless, with crisp acoustic guitars, tight drum and bass parts, and an authentic Chuck Berry-esque American rock guitar tone.

The highlight comes from the exceptional guitar licks of Charlie Hutto and lilting fiddle and mandolin melodies of Jonathan Lawson, which are to be found in an additional 280MB folder of extras. Special mention should also be made of the highly evocative pedal guitar parts that could instantly breathe country and western soul into any production.

Most of the music on offer here is of the up-beat tow-tapping variety, with a few more downbeat ballads thrown in for good measure. Although the production style doesn't stray too far from the norm, there are some nice subtle variations, such as more ambient mic'ed drums and tremolo effects on the rhythm guitar during the slower numbers.

Overall, this is an extensive and high quality collection of Nashville's finest musicians.

Verdict: A highly authentic collection of country and western riffs played by exceptional musicians.
Rating: 9/10

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