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Cyborg | Sample Library Review

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Review & Preset Playthrough Cyborg - Sample Library Review


Feels like way more than 300 presets with dozens of the patches containing 30-40 loops or various hits mapped across the keyboard. Sample collection is spot on for the genre.


Not easy to assign MIDI cc to ADSR or Filter effects. Some of the payable instrument patches could have benefited from deeper sampling / more velocity layers.


CYBORG is a hybrid Virtual Instrument that combines organic sound sources and live instruments with cutting-edge synth effects and sound design techniques.

The description could have just as easily said that this instrument captures a great range of the industrial music sounds ala Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor’s sound design sensibility. I am sure legally they can’t print that on the material and quite frankly I am surprised that the design and marketing didn’t have more of a tip of the hat to one of the popular banners in the genre – maybe something like “Box of Nails”?

Don’t get me wrong I think this library is based on a great concept. With so many composer influenced by Mr. Reznor’s film scores it’s great to have a collection like Cyborg in your pocket. Cyborg comes with a nice sized serving of diverse presets to give you a vast pallet to paint with from a handful of distorted guitar loops to electro-glitch-industrial kits and loops.

The library is divided into 5 categories with the 300 Instrument Patches and organized in the following folders: Drones & Atmospheres, Drums & Percussion, Guitars & Basses, Keyboards. I was really surprised to see that the instrument is only 300 main presets since going through the instrument it feels like there is at least 2-3 times that much content. Probably because dozens of the patches are made up of 30-40 loops or various hits.

Cyborg also comes with 144 Multis. Every Multi I loaded up was created with 2 of the other patches and range from Atmospheres, Guitar, Drums, Mixed and more.
All the rhythmic elements sync to host tempo and all the various melodic loops are available to playback in all keys chromatically across the keyboard.


Cyborg is a Kontakt player instrument meaning it loads into the libraries tab of Kontakt and is compatible with both the full and free version of Kontakt 5.5 and above.

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