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Grindhouse | Sample Library Review

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Doubling down on niche virtual instruments, Funk/Soul release Grindhouse – a spot on tribute to the sounds of B-Movie scores of the 70s that is sure to inspire!

Grindhouse is a collection of odd and edgy, vintage and retro instruments. It comes with a wide range of drums & percussion, horns and winds, vocal, string and effects as well as keyboards, basses and guitars divided among 70 NKIs.


I thought checking out sample libraries all day was a pretty sweet gig! Boy the guys at Funk/Soul Production “watched a lot of old exploitation films from the 1970’s, and set out to replicate some of the vocal and instrument sounds that were used in those films.” I would love to see what their tax guy says when they turn in stacks of VHS receipts for “research”.

The developer set out to capture the grit and grim in a pack of multi-sampled instruments, one shots and a few loops to capture the sound and style of those “Grindhouse” films and they have succeeded with flying colors.

Each of the multi sampled instruments has the usual suspects for changing timbre and adding some effects. See the official walk-through below for more details.

The instruments are divided into folders by section and cover a huge range of sounds from retro-style Kung Fu, Spaghetti Western, Biker Gang, Girl Gang, Women in Prison, Pinky Violence, Low-Budget Horror, Italian Crime, Japanese Yakuza, or Blaxploitation B-movie soundtrack and are delivered as 70 NKIs.

What the library lacks in legato sample transitions (for instruments like the strings and flutes and horns) it makes up for with character and style. I could have been more critical about the limited dynamic layers as well, but for the size of the collection and the asking price this library is a real gem!


Grindhouse is a Kontakt Player instrument compatible with both the free and full versions of Native Instruments Kontakt.
The library downloads as 12.44 GB and contains 70 NKI presets made up of 24-bit samples.

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