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Ambient Skyline |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4/5 Subs Back to Ambient Skyline product details

Today I'm dipping back into some of that laid back, ambient, on the cloud funk! Downtempo/Ambient is one of my favorite types of music...there are no don't need a super complex beat. It's all about the sound and the emotion. So you know I love to explore these types of libraries... So let's see what's up with Ambient Skylines

What is Ambient Skylines?

A huge, deep, fluffy collections of chilled out, cold loops and samples. This is definitely one that leans more towards the cinematic, emotional....mood setting side of chillout and downtempo music. Tons of space and ambiance in this library. You get loops and then a collection of "non-looped" sounds... which brings a lot of flexibility. This one gives you all those freezer burned, reverbed out, smooth as butter riffs and loops that you love if this is your type of stuff. Unlike many downtempo libraries, this one has stuff that is not only good for making music, but great for sound design and sound fx work as well.

Quick Specs
- content: 10.88gb total in all formats, 5 gb of 24bit wav files
- format: apple, rex, wav, rmx, acid
- price: $129.95

How does it sound though?

Well I'm glad you asked, as that's what where here for. As with anything from Big Fish, the recording is top quality with no undesired artifacts or glitches. The thing I noticed about this library, comparing to some of my other favorite downtempo/ambient, is it's more about the sound and the mood. The sounds are very light, as well as heavy in ambience and reverb. I like this, it gives it a different vibe compared to most, which makes it perfect for background music, sound fx, movie scores, games, media, documentaries, etc, in addition to straight up beat-making madness.
Everything in the library meshes together very well, from the electric bass to the airy sax samples.  They all have this "cloud" over them...which you have to hear to understand. It's not a muffled, cloaked sound....but it's almost something like a "mist" which was sprayed across the entire collection.
One thing I did miss was a folder of dedicated drum hits, I mean there are some kick/hi-hat combinations, and a folder of percussions, but I would have liked to see some straight up ambient kicks, drums, snares. Or even a folder of drumloops ready to be chopped. 

Overall the sound captures the feel and mood you would expect when you think of Ambient, not just airy, but also including some nice city/urban soundscapes as well.

What's the final verdict on this joint?

I like it, I am a fan of downtempo/ambient music, I love to hear it and I love to make it. This one takes on a different vibe and leans more towards the cinematic/film side of things in my opinion, as opposed to being straight up beat making material. That's not a bad thing, as most of the time we like to sample from things that are from film, movies, media, it gives a different vibe to the music for sure.

I give this library a 4 out of 5 subs, it's very solid and has a lot of content. I definitely would have liked to see some more drumloops or drum samples, but there's enough in the kick/hi-hat loops and the percussion folder to keep you satisfied. I have no problem pulling in a snare or two to mix with the library. Sometimes leaving the snare out gives you an even more chilled vibe It's definitely something to look into if you're into this type of music and sound.

JK Swopes

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