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Old School Funk Bass | Interface Magazine

Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: Contents: 8 Originality: 8.5 Sound Quality: 9.5 Price/performance: 8.5 Back to Old School Funk Bass product details

Hiring a good, but also well known, bass player for a session is often a very expensive hobby. For that problem here's a new title with more than 500 bass loops. To get this well-known bass player, the producers hustled Josquin des Pres to give it some of his finest techniques for the good cause. For the culture barbarians among us who don't know Josquin, he played for tons of established artists.

He proves, with the tightness he plays these grooves, that the man can play a really nice tune, and of course every loop is funky as hell. You can just hear the metronome ticking while listening to a loop. Josquin plays with Cavin, Vigier and of course Fender basses. With the background experience of Josquin and a CD like this, its usefulness is far more than only one purpose, and there are recorded more than just one style. There are loops in 3 different styles: hip hop, old school funk, 70's funk & disco. If you think for some reason that the loops are not suitable enough for you, which they probably are, or you're just a purist who wants to do his own thing, the producers recorded Josquin's Vigier bass as multi-samples on the disc. The documentation that is provided keeps you right on track with what key and tempo a loop is played in.

Besides all that, the loops are made ACID ready. You can especially also note how good the recordings are made. Recording an instrument is an art itself, but it's very rare that an instrument title provides such a clean, crispy detailed sound image. Is there a stereo image, no of course not, because an original bass does not provide a stereo sound. At this point the engineers passed their exam very well.

The illusion of replacing a real bass player with this CD is maybe too far out, but you can come really close with this one.

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