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If bass patterns and grooves turn you on, then you'll love Old School Funk Bass. More than 460 loops lay down the funk, and the collection also provides hip-hop, disco, and other old-school grooves. The playing is great, and the tones, articulations, and feel will put you smack back in the 70's. Multisamples of the Vigier bass used for the patterns blend well with most of the loops. Unfortunately, the multisampled bass notes provide just one sample per chromatic note– with no variety of articulations–and the bass notes are fingered only.

The library is packaged on two discs. One is in audio format; the other gives you the same data in WAV format, which has been Acidized for software programs that take advantage of such capabilities. Old School Funk Bass is a great resource for songwriters, hip-hop producers, and commercial composers.

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