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Old School Funk Bass | Future Music

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This is a collection of 508 different basslines covering 70s funk and disco, basic grooves, hip hop, old school funk and Vigier bass and whatever you want from funk lines, they’re here. They’ve been recorded by producer and bass player Josquin des Pres, who played them live to guarantee that natural flow. They may initially sound flat and uninspiring but once thrown into a track and tweaked, they come to life.

The 70s funk section goes from 110 to 130bpm with between four and six loops for each note of the scale. The basic grooves offer a selection of standard lines and the hip hop section offer you a massive tempo range of 74bpm up to 118bpm increasing 1bpm each time, so there’s no chance it won’t fit.

The Old School Funk section is the biggest of all categories, with 39 tempos from 75bpm to 160bpm although the only drawback is that you are only getting, on average, one loop for your tempo.

On the negative side, it would have been nice to see a good multisample collection to allow a little more of a construction kit with the classic sound.

However, this is a fairly useful collection, that will satisfy any funk fans, although any more general musos and producers may be looking for something less specific.

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