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Despite the title, the 34 construction kits on offer in this collection feature drums, bass, keys and guitar, but only two-thirds actually have gospel vocals.

The quality of the music is very high and the vocals are nicely mixed, with a subtle touch of reverb and intelligent panning of voices. The other instruments are also well-recorded.

Being a gospel collection, pretty much every vocal sample contains one of the words 'praise', 'rejoice', 'hallelujah' or 'Jesus'. This is something that's worth bearing in mind if you intend to use these samples for writing a pop or dance hit, but don't want the religious overtones.

One drawback of a vocal samples pack is that you may have difficulty extending the eight-or 16-bar loops into fully fledged songs. This, of course, depends on how you are intending to use the samples. If you simply want short chorus phrases to back up some Kanye-style hip-hop (old-style Kanye, not the new vocoder stuff) then UCG will be ideal. But if you are intending to write complete gospel songs, you may need to record additional vocals or creatively string together several of these samples to end up with something sufficiently long.

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