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Neo Soul - The new sound of Hip Hop and R&B | Interface Magazine

Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 7 out of 10 Back to Neo Soul - The new sound of Hip Hop and R&B product details

Again some great names from the music industry signed to do a title at Big Fish Audio. Just as the most previous titles, here again is a new, fresh set of hip hop and R&B.

With Josquin Des Pres and Bernard Torelli, for this title, is the old keyboard player for Anita Baker and Barry White and the guitarist for Rick James and Teena Marie. More than fifty construction kits stand at the foundation for this extensive box. The box opens with fresh tunes, padded through a tempo of an average of around 80 to 90 BPM. The character speaks fast in which they would be just fine around a sultry summer evening filled with a bacardi in each hand. Not too sweet, but well, well on the way to a hot, summer dream.

The manufacturer reported to us a small mistake during the production of the CD booklet. But it doesn't take away that the overall quality of this box, which is very good.

Certainly a good source to play around with.

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