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This is the real deal: Shaft, Barry White, the 70s, wah guitars, sax, strings, organ, congas, the occasional Minimoog, Fender Rhodes all presented for your pleasure (and I do mean pleasure, baby) in the form of 55 construction kits. The WAV and Apple Loops folders contain the same set of files; each construction kit has a full mix for easy auditioning, the kit elements, and a folder of one-shot drum/percussion sounds used in the tune. The REX folder is similar, but doesn't have the full mix or one-shots, and wisely doesn't include files that don't work in the REX format.

The WAV files aren't Acidized, which makes it difficult to "mix and match" files from different kits in WAV-only hosts; however, the REX files are edited very well, and stretch over a wide range of tempos. With more hosts supporting the cross-platform REX format, and with Apple Loops now a standard on the Mac, you're pretty much covered for time-stretching.

The files are well organized; each folder name includes the tempo (which ranges from 51 to 137BPM) and key. Overall, if you're into the vintage soul scene, these samples satisfy. And if blaxploitation movies ever make a comeback, or you get the call for Undercover Brother II, you're all set to do the score - check out the demo at

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