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Ancient World: Instruments of Antiquity | Sample Library Review

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With Ancient World: Instruments of Antiquity, Big Fish deliver a truly unique collection of sampled wind, strings, and percussion from Greek and Medieval times. Doubling as a history lesson, the library is sampled from very rare instruments recreation created by Luthier, Nikolaos Brass.

Big Fish & Funk/Soul team up for a truly unique collection of ancient instruments that doubles as a history lesson.


Big Fish Audio and Funk/Soul Productions have teamed up for a new Kontakt Player Instrument, Ancient World: Instruments of Antiquity. Many of these instruments of antiquity have been sampled for the first time ever. For this library, the developer has sampled recreations of Wind, String and Percussion of some of the oldest known instruments from Greek and Medieval times.

For the recording session, the developers teamed up with Master Luthier, Nikolaos Brass. Brass is known for his collection of ancient Greek instruments and has spent his life researching ancient musical instruments. Some of the instruments sampled are extremely rare with only two or three existing worldwide!

Ancient World comes with multi-sampled instrument presets containing plucks, vibrato, harmonics, tremolos, arpeggios, glissandos, and slide articulations with up to thirty samples per note.

The library also comes with a collection of loop/performance instruments that really bring these instruments to life.

Ancient World String instruments include: Kithara, Three unique Lyras, Pandoura, Phorminx, Samvyke, Syntonon, Triangle (Harp) and Varvitos.

Ancient World Winds instruments include: Diaulos, Flogera, Kavali, Mantoura, Ney, Pan Flute, Pastoral Flute

Ancient World Percussion instruments include: Antique Cymbals, Bendir, Clay Pot, Copperphone (Chalkeophonon), Crotala, Formiskoi, Fruit Shells, Seistron, Sleigh Bells, Small Cymbals, Square Drum, Tambourine and Water Pumpkins

In the first look video above, we share what the instruments sound like right out of the box, playing through a number of the patches to hear the range of articulations, tempo sync’d performance patches as well as the multis.


Ancient World: Instruments of Antiquity downloads as 3.85 GB and is a Kontakt Player Instrument, compatible with both the full and free version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Ancient World comes with 32 multi-sampled instruments and 146 unique patches. Most of the mutli-sampled instruments come with performances patches and in total the library comes with over 400 looped and tempo-syncing performances.

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