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Based on the cross-platform Kontakt 2 player, Acoutic Legends HD provides 19GB of guitar samples, recorded at 24 bit/96kHz. The new player is a step up, as it's multi-timbral (64 channels standalone, 16 channels as plug-in), ad all presets include EQ, reverb, and stereo width controls. Ther's also a total of 32 mono outs (VST/DXi) or 16 with AU/RTAS; surround is supported in most hosts too. Each out and aux has four insert slots for various effects, including 19 filter types.

In additon to aples of acoustic guitars and some bonus material (acoustic bass, bajo, and ukelele), ther are "chord banks" for 6- and 12-string guitars that provide expressive playing options. Up and down-strokes, singles notes, mute strums, and body knocks are mapped across their own octabes, while the lowest octave provides keyswitches for playing different chord types. (Other presets use this keyswitching feature as well.) Creating a convincing part takes some practice - but it's easier than learning how to play guitar.

The samples are all top shelf, and several presets include "reality enhancers" like adding fret noise and slides. Furthermore, you can do things guitars can't do, like play harmonics chromatically with ease. Fun stuff? Yes indeed.

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