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Don't be fooled by the VI nametag, this isn't a virtual instrument at all. It's actually a massive multi-purpose sample bank embedded in a customized Kontakt Player 2.
Install VI One and Kontakt player 2 will be added to your plug-ins. Spark up the plug-in in your DAW and you'll see the recognizable Kontakt looks, beneath a shiny new VI one Colour scheme.
Click and scroll through the instruments and multis on board and you'll see everything from choirs and orchestras to multi-sampled vintage and digital synths. And don't forget the drums, effects, ethnic instruments and pretty much everything you can imagine given at least a token nod. The sound quality and usability of the set is excellent - although don't expect anything to be groundbreaking. This is a workhorse, rather than a specialist tool. Drum loops automatically shift tempo to match your song, and when you select each patch, your treated to a bank of 'cut-off', 'ADSR' and "Reverb" - type knobs to tweak on the main edit window, the parameters displayed being relevant to the type of sound you've loaded. It's easy to build your own complex multi-instruments or simply relax and wade through the hundreds that are already on board.
If your in need of a low CPU impact way of boosting your sound palette then this catch-all bank of well recorded and arranged sounds will hit the spot.

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