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Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to VI.ONE product details

VI. One is yet another huge ROMpler that claims to offer every sound one could possibly need. Boasting around 20GB of content, V.I one covers those bread and butter sounds that the modern music producer can't do without : Strings, pianos, guitars, ethnic instruments, synths, FX, drums... the list really does go on and on. The patches themselves range from good to great - some of the synths and FX are a little less than inspiring but the overall quality is high even with the strings and piano's. Playback comes courtesy of the ubiquitous Kontakt Player and some of the sounds feature clever scripting tricks such as guitar scrapes. The interface of each instrument is clearly set out with a selection of useful controls on offer for each patch. Overall, VI.One represents good value. The quality of the patches isn't as high as, say, those of PlugSound Pro, but you do get tons of sounds and the Kontakt Player 2 is as reliable as ever. If your looking for a one-stop patch ship, add VI.One to your considerations list.

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