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Looking at the cover, you'd be forgiven in thinking Geneticz was a collection of pretty loops and swirly effects. However this couldn't be further from the truth as you're presented with some of the most ambitious loops and hits on the market today. And there are plenty of them. Digital Davy, a little known techno and gabba producer, has cleverly given us something highly usable for just about any style of production you care to. Listen to most modern dance music and there's always a need for something different in the track - whether it's that warped string you've never heard before or simply an underlying distorted loop that fills out the space and draws you into the rest of the sounds. This CD provides exactly that. In short this CD is divided into eighteen sections, the first of which gives you 'Genetic Loopz' ranging from 80 to 180 bpm. You can either drop these directly into your sequencer running at the required tempo or audition them in a program such as Sonic Foundry's Acid and subsequently export the loops at your desired tempo into your chosen sequencer. There are plenty of options available but I chose the later, opting for a tempo of 140 bpm in order to get some sort of club-orientated track going. With some of the hard kick drums in the 'Bass drumz' section, most of the loops work wonderfully creating a harsh techno groove. But swap the kick drum to something a little rounder and you've got some seriously funky music crawling out of your speakers. I wouldn't say the 'Bass drumz' are the best (in fact I quickly found myself reverting to some of my own kick drum loops), yet they serve a purpose. With a little compression and fine tweaking, you could feasibly get something very usable.

Move onto some of the effects and pads available on this CD and you've got a wealth of weirdness to add to the drum loops. There's some powerful explosions and other ambient atmospheres that are simply out of this world. All arranged in their own specific folders, you'll soon have no problems finding the exact sounds you're looking for. I was particular impressed with the 'Atmospherez' section, eerie stuff that could be easily used as a movie-like intro for many forms of dance music.

Used in conjunction with your more acceptable 909 or 808 drum hits, Geneticz gives you a head start in creating something that little bit unusual, whether it be techno, trance, house or whatever. In short, this is one collection that needs to be on the top of your sample CD shopping list.

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