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It's hard to argue with 4.2GB, know what I mean? Big Fish's latest barage of hip-hop breaks and instrumental loops is downright huge, with 50 full construmction kits-including separated-out drum loops and a "Hits" folder-in WAV, Apple Loop (AIFF) and REX file formats. That's a lot of swag to tag, but keeping things organized is a labeling system that gives tempo and harmonic key information for each folder. In style as well as substance, though, Heaat Seekers is anything but stripped-down: like some super-seession between Outkast, Automator and Kanye West, these construction kits are filled with florid, often phased strings, oddball MIDI horn blasts, psychotic synth squiggles and cheesy-but-good electronic drum sounds and synthetic handclaps. In all, Heat Seekers packs in 1,989 loops and hits (720 WAV files, 720 Apple Loops and 479 REX2 files) that vary in tempo from 70 to 140 BPM, and the waveforms are recorded at punchy levels that require little or no extra gain in your DAW or sample editor.

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