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Strong Enough To Degauss Your Drives

Althought highly sophisticated and mysterious - rather than the unrelenting ear-grinding noisefest heard in other libraries - Electro Magnetic Fury's 1.5 BD of Acidized WAV content (also provided as REX and Apple Loop files) is generally fast, furious and always menacing. Each of the 95 construction kits contains a full mix and elements broken out into individual loops such as drum grooves, metal-hit or hi-hat patterns, noisy loops and sublime, otherworldy pads and effects. The production is inventive and totally inspiring - by far some of the best programming and mixing I've heard in such a library.
The Scalping kit gives an idea of the twisted nature on display here, with its distorted house groove, rich marching-band snare roll, broken noise effects loop, reversed string pad, tribal voices and vocoded backing percussion. Tempos generally hum along in the upper echelons, soaring as hich as 200 bpm. Not everything is fast-paced, thought. The Crank kit jaunts along at 67 bpm with slow-motion vocoded drums and filtered sticks,ideal for a villain ambling through a smoky nightclub as the camera stays focused on the divas dancing. In the Ghoul kit, a ghostly distant voice howls through a fog of reverb, dripping drums and a feed-back rainfall of sparklike effects. Some kits are completely atmosperic and contain no rhythmic components whatsoever. Voices of the ast is such a candidate, and beautifully combines reversed guitar harmonics, harp and voice for an IDM intro ready to drop. There's even a folder of nothing but drones and atmospheres. Often sounding as though it would be right at home in a car commercial or movie trailer, Electro Magnetic Fury is a highly evocative collection suited to dramatic remixes and multimedia.

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