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Gas Tank Orchestra | Interface Magazine

Rating: Contents 9.5 Originality 8.5 Sound quality 8.5 Price/Performance 9 Back to Gas Tank Orchestra product details

Stranger things didn't happen until this title arrived at my desk. The basic philosophy of this CD is that all instruments are produced by gas tanks. Imagine yourself playing some cool drums or just adding the mouthpiece of a saxophone to a gas tank. Maybe even more different and impressive is the didgeridoo that is recorded through a gas tank. The set is completely packed with loops, which are ACID prepared, but the purists among us, who rather play their own melodies, will get their chance with the individual sounds that are available. To get a little perspective, of what kind of tanks are used and how they're molested, there are some images of the different tanks on the second CD along with some other documentation and of course the WAV files.

Maybe this CD is not suitable for everybody, but it's definitely fun to do something different with your music. Even for the crazy idea behind this CD it should receive an award!

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