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Helter Skelter | Future Music

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Oh blimey, it’s the weirdos again. Hot on the heels of Lo-Fi & Illbient, it’s already time for another one of those twisted yank sample CD efforts. This one is on a similarly mucked-up tip, but Big Fish Audio has gone for a much darker theme this time. The blurb advises fans of White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to jump on and join in the fun, and one of the tracks is entitled Trench Coat Mafia. Dubious taste aside it’s light-hearted fun, with wall-to-wall whining guitar riffs, stabby guitar loops, guitar fills and, well, a bucket load of guitar.

It’s not all axe-grinding though, because there’s a fair amount of drum machine fiddling and synth antics going on. Breakbeats even raise their little heads occasionally, but the general vibe is still downright evil, grinding shenanigans.

Halfway through the CD things get mellow with the introduction of some chilled breaks. However, the sound effects soon arrive and it’s back to the darkside. This section is followed by the bass sounds, and thankfully you get individual note multi-samples as well as the riffs. Before the CD ends there’s time for some scratch samples and, oh, some more guitar chords. This CD won’t appeal to everyone but if US-style evil is your bag then it’s worth checking out.

Verdict: Helter Skelter might not be a hit with everybody, but fans of the style will lap it up.

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