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These construction kits and Middle Eastern rhythms are typical Big Fish: A mixed file, along with the carious elements that make up the mix (usually 4-6 loops). There are also 121 files of hits for the seven individual percussion instruments used to make the files - valuable not just for augmenting these loops, but for loading into a sampler if you want a fine set of exotic percussion sounds.

The music is what you'd expect, consisting of rolling, hypnotic hand percussion grooves that range from 80 to 150BPM. While the full mixes have their uses (particularly for layering on top of dance mix grooves), you may find the individual loops more useful as they add an exotic accent without "taking over" a track. I even tried some of these with tock drum tracks; they wortked surprisingly well together, as the Hadeeth 2 loops added a loose, swinging type of feel. The loops have just enough room ambience to give an organic, "real" vibe, but definitely not enough to get in the way. Recording quality has both accuracy and presence - you won't need to add any EQ to these puppies.

For fans of adding "ethnic" touches to their music, this is a tight, consistent, well-rounded library with plenty of inspiring grooves. Imagine a drum circle with people who actually know how to play, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what's going on.

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