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Roots of the Pacific | Future Music

Rating: Verdict: 80% Back to Roots of the Pacific product details

This collection of pacific poundings will instantly whisk you off to an isolated desert island. But straight away you wonder how practically useful these beats are going to be. Even if they are an interesting history which would have Thor Heyedahl on the edge of his seat - the booklet rattles on about Polynesian traditions and Hawaiian drumming techniques - they're not exactly dance material.

Still, that's not to say they may come in handy for someone, somewhere as soon as you leave the first full track, the drum solo tracks are a lot more usable. These beats work their way through a variety of percussion from pahu and fa' aete to log, to' ere and body slap (your guess is as good as mine!), and a collection of Pacific islands, including New Zealand, Fiji, Society Islands, Tahiti, Samoa, Cook Islands and Polynesia.

Next come the instruments, and these are really idiosyncratic although all basically percussive in nature. There are plenty of single hits here from gourd drums and bamboo to shells and stones (ili'ili to you) which could soon be incorporated (somewhere) into a track. Even if you're going to be using them, if you can afford to splash out they're an interesting and educational collection of sounds if nothing else.

Finally, come the chants and the natural ambiences (birds, water and waves) which you should expect to hear in a Euro trance track somewhere soon. Aloha to you all.

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