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Def Jef Kontrol Freaks - Kontrol Ya'self |

Reviewer: John Kuan | Rating: 9 out of 10 Back to Def Jef Kontrol Freaks - Kontrol Ya'self product details

Warm Sounds

No Dislikes

Big Fish Audio is at it again, this time recruiting one of the most prolific producers in the LA hip hop scene - Def Jef and the Kontrol Freaks; an insanely serious producer having worked with artists Krayzie Bone, Snoop Dogg, The Eastsidaz, and Shaq. He is also known for remixing Nas, TLC, Patti Labelle, and Hiroshima.

''BFA has pulled out the BIG guns, its time for some serious rapture''


CD 1 with 99 Audio CD tracks.

CD 2 with 542 *.wav files.

Sounds, Beats, and Freaks.

Major revelations couldn't come at a finer time than with 'Kontrol Freaks - Kontrol: Ya'self' which is packed with some serious beat arsenal dedicated to the electronic hip hop sound. Here at Reasonfreaks and Studiofreaks, we like our freaks; I especially like this one.

Like Hitzone, this release is included with a separate CD which is purely digital in Acidized wav format, along with the regular audio-CD with samples that are playable with regular CD players.

Nothing like a set of tasty sounds to make a great track, the individual samples composing a loop are distributed as separate tracks on CD1 and are available in nicely arranged and labeled folders on CD2. Composers are, of course, not limited to the hip-hop genre - most of these samples can garnish almost any track looking for a lo-down, groove-poppin' sound.

The beats themselves are cleverly programmed with great ideas; booming bass, intricate hi-hat work, and a plethora of sounds that just make you want to dance. The synths and strings that accompany some of the tracks reflect a great sense of urban melodies laced with a line of Kraftwerk-edge technicality - something you're going to have to check for yourself, its right up there in my books.

If mastering comes to mind, think warm. For all you mastering people out there this is indeed a treat. The delicious dynamics of these samples are great for down-mastering without any loss to sound quality - a big plus for remixers and producers too.

All in all - this release is a well planned, well constructed collection. This is one classic set of sounds that I see becoming a staple in any producer's studio. The CD is an amazing representation of the serious electro-hip hop sound gaining more and more exposure to today's music. Def Jef and BFA have definitely opened the gates to this one. Our advice: Get you freak on.

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