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Performance Loops - Acoustic Guitars | Interface Magazine

Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to Performance Loops - Acoustic Guitars product details

The second edition of the Performance Loops series has arrived. In the first issue, there were acoustic drumloops, but now it's up to the guitars to roll.

As the title implies, this is a box of loops played with acoustic guitars. Which guitars were used, we can't really tell anywhere*, but for sure BFA used different players with different guitars. To please practically everybody, there is a huge variety of style captured in this box. You'll find styles like rock, folk, country and many others, all with more than enough variations.

If you read the booklet, you can see that the recordings are made with an O2R mixer. That has resulted in beautiful, clean recordings that sound very open and dynamic. Sometimes the recordings are maybe a bit too clean, but noises like the attack on the strings and shuffling on the frets are very well captured. Among the rest you'll find that the guitars are placed very well into the stereo field.

This box is ideal for using at once and replacing those expensive session players.

* Extensive documentation is included on the CD-ROM in simple HTML format, including detailed session notes within each performance folder stating the session player and the type of guitar used.

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