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Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to Brush Artistry product details

Shining on the cover, there they are. The sweet steel brushes that give rhythm to that special atmosphere. For the first time there's finally a sample CD containing these juicy parts of the rhythm industry.

Packed with two CDs, there are about a thousand loops and samples in the box. The individual drum samples, that were used to play the drumloops have been put together as kits. Except for the Gretsch kit, we didn't find it in this section. The loops themselves have a lot of variation, including fills and more, including with or without bass drum that makes for a really nice groove to sit on top of. All loops cover different styles of rhythm such as the traditional ones like Bossa Nova and country. Jazz is also widely represented and covers probably the most of the disc. The tempo's vary between 50 and 220. The last tempo feels like there's a motor race going on, but it's pretty normal in country music to have such a tempo.

Close micing has been very well used for the recordings, in other words the mics are placed very close to the drums. Big advantage is that there aren't any substantial extra noises around. For the rest, the sound is very clean but has the rich character still there where you need it.

The real issue is plain drumloops themselves can be boring, but I guess you don't get bored of this one.

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