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Hit Zone | Interface Magazine

Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 9 out of 10 Back to Hit Zone product details

With a title like Hit Zone, immediately thoughts come up like this is a charts hit compilation. It's partly true except this one is meant for making hits.

This 4 CD box kicks of with a big collection of construction kits, complete with a large collection of individual sounds. Like the title implies, the kits sound very poppy, but have that big R'n'B underground layer. Somewhere around there are some Drum and Bass influences, but they still have a great summer feel. Most of the time, real tightened drums, phatt basses, fluffy organs and cool strings are used. Surprisingly enough, you'll find some nice LoFi sounds in between everything that just sit on top and give this box a little more character.

Soundwise you'll notice how clean and crispy the sound is. Hours must have been spent to give this one a very nice finishing touch. Full of dynamics and creamy wide-open sound, it couldn't have been done better.

Like a box of chocolates, delicious and full of surprises.

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