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Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to Platinum Essentials product details

The number of titles that is released to the urban scene just keeps growing. A young man nicknamed Clizark was signed to do this one. The man in charge responsible for blockbusting releases for Snoop Dog and sold more than 9 million records.

The foundation for this CD is laid out with a number of construction kits. Some of those kits are good to go as basic material, for a new single of our own MC Brainpower- not too sweet, but that groovy feel just on top. The kits are very well sorted with instruments like bass, guitar, drums and synth sounds, all within the specific urban range. On top of that there are some synth and bass sounds as a bonus. Characteristic-wise this might not be the most full box, but there's a lot of good material in between.

Technically this box is done very well, all kits have been mixed very well in proportion and have not been chased over the top using EQ and compression. The only matter might be that there could have been some more dynamics, but if anything that's all.

Worth every penny when searching for new inspiration.

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