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Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to LA Drum Sessions product details

It has been a while since Big Fish Audio didn't sign a huge name for doing a drum library. This box is played by just some guys, and produced by just some guys.

Within this 4 CD box there's a blending of a lot of different styles. Styles like disco, rock, jazz, bossa nova, funk, punk and many others are included. The character of all the content is very powerful and listening to the sound itself, there must have been many different tunings used for the drums. The loops themselves sound really tight and have a lot of feeling in them. The number of variations per loop is huge, the minimum is 10 and can also be 30 which brings a total of 6000 loops. Also included are different kinds of fills, ends and intro's. Besides the wet loop, there's also a dry loop and the sound of the room where it was recorded.

Speaking of sound quality this box is one to take serious. The producers have been working with only top gear such as Apogee, TC, Avalon, Focusrite, Euphonix en Mackie. Microphones were brands like Neuman, Audio Technica, Senheiser en Sure. A real cool set of equipment, and probably the dream of every home-studio owner. It still is nice even for the professionals, but if you don't know what to do with it, the sound will still be terrible. But the producers of this box have passed their exam with a tremendous graduation. The sound is really open, powerful and punchy. It doesn't matter at what part you're listening, each and every loop has the same quality.

If you can't work with this one, then just consider hanging it up.

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