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It's hard to keep track of all the variations of hip hop and rap out there. This collection has a distinctly European synth pop flare, with a strong nod towards old- school toasting as much as newer gangsta rap. There are also examples of smooth R&B, horroshow theatrics, and ethnic blends. The production is aimed squarely at the lo-fi set, with heavy compression, crunchy drums, and an 8-bit feel to many of the instruments.

This 2.3 gig collection takes up two slots in Elastik, featuring five folders holding well over 100 Construction Kits plus a folder each of Construction Singles and Drum/Percussion Singles. The Construction Kits range in tempo from 61 to 127 bpm, focused in the mid 80s to upper 90s. A kit typically contains 8 to 11 4-bar loops, which includes a full mix, an instrumental mix, a drum mix, and then breakdowns of the drum and instrumental parts. Having all of the components in one bank per construction kit makes it easy to perform these live.

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