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Veteran sample developer Ueberschall has released a new sample package entitled Minimal Techno. The sounds run on Ueberschall's Elastik engine which allows for timestretching and pitchshifting right out of the box. They were crafted by Asem Shama and they tally up to 1200 sounds and loops across 1.6 Gigs.
The software is Mac and PC compatible featuring VST, AU and RTAS versions. Last month at the 2008 NAMM show, Ueberschall released Minimal House which was produced by Christian Quast.
I'm sure many people scoff at sample libraries that get released alongside trends in the industry, but if the demand is there then it's these company's jobs to make them.
And in the case of these specific libraries, they were made by people who actually release tracks of this nature already, and not some random producer's interpretation of how this style gets broken down.
I feel like it's a good thing as long as the libraries are well produced and they live up to the genre printed in the title.
I myself am curious to try these out as I'm sure there are some useful sounds in them.

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