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Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4.5/5 Back to Club Bangers R&B Pak product details

Only 8 Kits? Is there much variety? Yes, there is tons of variety.

You've got to remember, Big Fish is known for producing some of the most popular sample libraries around, and most of them carry a higher price tag, most starting around 100 bucks.That's not bad, that's actually the norm for a full sample cd, I'm talking stuff with gigs and gigs of samples. But with the download paks, they are allowing pretty much everyone the opportunity to get the same Big Fish quality at a lower entry point, something for everyone.

The variety of the kits is actually pretty good, I was expecting them to all sound the same but each takes it's own direction and doesn't really copy the others. Some are synth heavy, others more ballad or piano based, while some are heavy on the strings, it's all good, and they all sound great.

If that wasn't enough, they also give you the individual drum tracks AS WELL AS the individual drum hits, I love when construction sets come with single drum hits, so I don't have to chop the drum loops myself.

What about the sound and production quality?

This is where the collection stands out and I was very pleased with the sound. The synths range anywhere from soft and smooth to hard and in your face, all with no distortion...unless of course it's on purpose.

The keys are recorded well, the bass has great low-end, and the drum loops KNOCK. The drums themselves are what surprised me the most in this one, I know Big Fish brings the pain when they do instruments, so I didn't expect anything but the best. I was NOT expecting to open up a highly usable and down right bangin set of single drum hits.

The styles and production in this pack are very diverse, the loops are long enough to get many chops from it, or even loop it up as is and lay a great foundation for your next RnB joint.

And the pricepoint?

The price is right baby! Don't expect to 4 to 7 gigs of stuff this high quality for 29 bucks, but you do get enough content to keep you happy and you will not feel cheated with this purchase. 29 bucks puts it right in the price range of many who are used to buying the single sample packs from many online sample providers. But it allows you to get a taste of the Big Fish, and also gives you a glimpse into what you can expect from their larger sample collections.

I like this addition to their site, it allows everyone to benefit from their years of producing high quality sample content no matter what your budget is.

Final verdict and my rating.

I went into this not knowing what to expect, as you know I'm not a huge construction pack fan, but I've been known to use them in my own way. I was able to find some loops and sounds to chop and that ALWAYS makes me happy.

I give this collection a 4.5 out of 5 subs, it's really great, the only reason I had to not give it a full 5 subs is that there were only 8 kits, had there been 10 to 12 kits I would have given it a 5 out of 5.

Either way, it's dope, a great value, and let's many people get into the Big Fish sound that may not have the budget for their larger libraries.

If you're looking for a nice collection of RnB sounds and loops, as well as some bangin drums, you should definitely checkout Club Bangers RnB Pak.

Well produced, sounds good, and fun to use.

JK Swopes

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