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Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 5/5 Back to Off The Hook Guitars product details

So what exactly is Off The Hook Guitars?

It's just what it says, a huge collection of guitar construction kits from the "Off The Hook" series.

What type a variety in a guitar cd?

Surprisingly, quite a bit.The way they did this one is very nice. You get a full construction kit based on guitars. You get the full guitar mixes, as well as the individual guitar riffs and parts. They even put the drumloops in there. At first I didn't care about that but once I heard them it was fun to chop them up and get some new drum sounds. The styles are all over from laid back and jazzy, to sexy rnb, to even some funk styles

How about the production and sound quality?

Top notch, period. Having this collection is like hiring the best session guitar players you can find. Everything sounds authentic and well-played. The sound quality is superb but that's a given for Big Fish, they always have good quality. And remember, this is a professional sound library, so it has to deliver the goods.

What about the price value?

The price is pretty common for a sample cd, right at 99 bucks it's not over-priced nor under-priced. I'm pretty used to sample cds being around this price so it's not out of the norm, and for the quality and amount of content, I think it's a good deal. This may be a little on the higher end of the scale for those of you not used to purchasing sample cds, but to those that know, you can spend quite a bit more for a good quality cd/dvd. The sheer amount of content and quality makes it worth it, I have sample cds from Big Fish that I purchased years ago that still get regular use today.

So what is the final verdict?

Hands down, no question 5 out of 5 subs. I knew it would be good, but I didn't expect it to be this good. I was pleasantly surprised with the drumloops! They were awesome and a great way to chop up some new drums. I'm all for the royalty free goodies man, I prefer not to sample from records/songs because I don't want to pay royalties. So when I do sample, I love stuff like this. Dope quality, lots of content, lots of options, and even some nice drums.

If you're looking for a nice collection of guitars, this is definitely an option.

JK Swopes

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