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Found sounds are frequently applied as an antidote for tired percussion tracks, but they're rarely used to build them from the ground up. That's what Big Fish Audio ( had in mind with Found Percussion ($74.96 DVD), a 2.5GB collection of audio parsed into construction kits ranging from 49 to 190 bpm. In addition to 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files you get Apple Loops and REX2 files, and the latter are easily installed as a Stylus RMX user library. The sounds are not broken out as individual hits, but solo loops are provided for each sound, making it fairly easy to extract the sounds and build your own percussion kits. 

The 85 construction kits are labeled by tempo and often enigmatic names, but inside, the individual loops (composite examples are also included) are named for their source: hair clipper, sandal slap, rag in water, the kitchen sink and so on. Methods of exciting and distressing these found objects often vary within a loop, producing a combination of sounds that work nicely together when mapped to velocity layers of a sampler. Pulling together loops from different construction kits often requires some groove matching, but most DAWs now offer that (see Web Clip D).

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