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Cinematic Sound Design |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Back to Cinematic Sound Design product details

Today I'm checking out something that isn't really a traditional instrument or library, but something that can definitely add to your sound toolbox. It's a collection of cinematic styled sound fx, hits, and noises. You know I love this type of stuff, it's great for adding some spice to your productions or for scoring your next blockbuster film. This one is simply called Cinematic Sound Design... let's check it out What is Cinematic Sound Design? It is a collection of Hollywood style sound fx, elements, etc...separated into 13 different categories. It comes with beds, drones, risers, whooshes, hits, explosions, you know...the good stuff. They formatted it for Battery, Kontakt, reason, exs24, and general wave so everyone will be able to use it pretty much. This is definitely targeted at those that do tv commercials, promos, movie trailers, video games, and other types of music for media. But of course, as with anything, creativity has no limits, you can throw these sounds in your next dance floor smash or hip hop's totally up to you

Quick Specs
- content: 1.2gb of wave files
- format: wav, kontakt, battery, nnxt, exs
- price: $49.95

How does it sound? This is all that really matters right? Well it sounds exactly how you'd expect, big hits, huge explosions, long evolving atmospheric beds, and suspense-building risers and drones. Everything is well recorded and has that "big sound" right out the gate. There is enough variety to keep you busy for sure, though I would have liked to see some performance features on the interface itself. Maybe some quick access to eq, filter, fx, or something like that. Overall though, very high quality sounds, heavily layered so stuff is pretty complex not just one sound. Lot's of transitions and combinations going on in these sounds which I like, pretty awesome for a wave library with no built in performance controls.

What's the bottom line on Cinematic Sound Design? I think anyone who loves film/media music, or the elements used in that genre will love this. I also think it's great for those who are just starting to explore the genre and may not want to make a huge investment in some of the larger libraries.

At 49 bucks, it's really a great value because the stuff doesn't sound cheesy or anything, it sounds like the type of sounds you would take from some of the larger libraries in this genre. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 subs, I really liked it, I just wish there were some controls on the actual instrument panel to tweak it a bit. That said, I can't really find anything wrong with this, and for the price, it allows pretty much anyone to get access to some professional quality fx and noises.

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