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From Stevie Wonders triumphant Glastonbury gig this year all the way back to the Temptations, Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye in the 60s and 70s, the classic Motown sound has had a massive influence on modern music. Detroit Soul is the latest library form Big Fish Audio, created in conjunction with Funk/Soul Productions, that aims to capture the sound of the great soul and R&B artists of the Motor City.

The dual-layer DVD contains around 2.8GB of 24-bit WAV content in ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX and Stylus RMX formats. This breaks down into 626 loops across 28 construction kits, plus a folder containing the individual multi-track drum recordings. As with many of the previous Big Fish Audio libraries, the quality of the performers, the recording and the mixing is top-notch. Instruments include drums, hand percussion, claps, bass, guitar, piano, Rhodes, organ and trumpets, plus alto, tenor and baritone sax.

The exquisite production places each instrument perfectly on the soundstage, with just the right amount of ambience for each part gluing the whole sound together and instantly evoking images of the large-scale recording sessions of yesteryear.

Tempo ranges from 53 to 200BPM, with Curtis/Marvin-esque ballads sitting next to more upbeat funk/soul grooves. Each kit contains around four parts for each instrument, which generally include an intro, several variations and an outro or fading tail note that helps make the pack more flexible when arranging. Although trumpets and saxophones are all mixing together into one horn section, they deserve special mention as the dynamic stabs and falls are fantastic. The inclusion of the original multi-track drum recordings only adds to the flexibility of a superb collection.

Whether you are composing for a 60s or 70s-themed TV show or wanting to add some authentic Tamla vibes to your songs, this is a beautifully written, beautifully recorded, high-quality collection of toe-tapping tracks. AH

A high-quality set of instrumentals with an impressive authentic vintage soul feel.

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