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Crunch: Rock Guitar Loops |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4 out of 5 Subs Back to Crunch: Rock Guitar Loops product details

What is Crunch: Rock Guitar Loops?

Like I said, it's a collection of rock guitar loops recorded at different tempos and different speeds. You get them all broken down into various parts of the song like intro, hook, leads, rhythm, chorus, outro, just the chords, just the riffs, etc.
They all have that modern rock feel to them, meaning they've been amped and stomped, tremolo-ed out and maybe even a little bit of wah going on.
Not so much thrash metal sounding, but just crunchy enough to evoke that rock and roll vibe

Quick Specs
- content: 631mb of content (238MB 24 bit wav)
- format: wav, apple, rex2
- price: $29.95

How does it sound?
It definitely has that rock vibe going on here, not only in sound but in actual playing/performance. I like the fact that you get various parts of the guitar performance that work good together. So if you just want the picked part, or just the rhythm, lead, etc... The parts are diverse in tempo and key, as well as length so it allows for quite a bit of flexibility. Using a real music industry guitarist definitely pays off in the sound, tone, and authenticity of the parts. Everything doesn't sound the same, some are cleaner than others, some are more riffed out while some are straight up lead lines, rhythm/strumming is here too. The recording is top notch as always so it allows for you to get the right feel you desire. So what's the bottom line?
I really like these smaller focused download packs from Big Fish, it allows you to get a nice infusion of a specific instrument without breaking the bank. Of course they have larger libraries if that's what you need, but sometimes just having a nice collection you can "dip into" goes a long way.
The sound is on point, and the performance is authentic so it gives you the proper vibe and feel you're looking for. Sure you can get an electric guitar vst, but sometimes you don't want can also plug in a guitar and rock out....unless you're not a guitarist!

Bottom line is the loops are useful, and there's enough variety to keep you busy I give this 4 out of 5 subs, really solid library that can prove to be very useful for many different situations. The price definitely makes it hard to resist if you have any desire for authentic rock guitar loops in your library.

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