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Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4 out of 5 Back to Ambient Lines product details

What is Ambient Lines?

This is a collection of smooth, atmospheric pads and sounds designed for commercial, television, documentaries, etc. However, you know me!
I think it's just a collection of smooth sounds designed for anything you can imagine It runs in the Elastik 2 player, but you can also export the sounds as waves into your daw or sampler

Quick Specs
- content: 2.6GB
- format: elastik player 2
- price: 139.95

How does it sound?

One thing I will say about Ueberschall, is that they've been pretty consistent for a long time. I used to use quite a few of their sample cds back when I had Akai samplers and the quality was always great Nothing has changed here, the product sounds well recorded and ambient. The pads are smooth and the synths have a smooth yet edgy feel. Even some of the included vocal lines can be used creatively, matched with the editing options of the Elastik 2 player, you can really create some great music.
It doesn't have many drums and bass, but for a library like this, you want the focus to be on the airy pads, synths, keys, and a fx anyway.

What's the bottom line?

I think many tend to overlook Ueberschall because of their libraries being attached to the Elastik Player, I know I did at one point. But the more I play with it, though I have things I would like to see added, I realize it's a very flexible system that makes their libraries become instruments and not just samples. In that regard, I would say they were on the extreme leading edge of the recent trend to turn sample/loop libraries into instantly playable instruments.

I think some kudos are in order and I'm not talking about the candy bar!
That said, I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it's a really great library that captures the smooth atmopsheric and etheral sound very well.

I would have liked to see more strings, few more pianos (the ones in here were great) and maybe a touch more vocals or vocal fx.

Overall it's a great library and very quick to edit, chop, and morph in the elastik 2 player. Go on over and give it a listen.
To see this product in action, check out JK's video review at

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