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Funk Foundations | Future Music Magazine

Reviewer: Jono Buchanan | Rating: 9 out of 10 Back to Funk Foundations product details

If you're building furious Funk tracks and need to get your rhythm section locked down, this library will appeal to you. It totals 2.8GB of content, organized into Drums and Bass loops in WAV, Apple Loops and REX Loops. Tempo range is from 60bpm to 140bpm, with the same tempo groups for the Bass and Drum loops, making it nice and easy to match all the content that Big Fish Audio have on offer in this collection. The Basses are recorded in a range of keys and are well played with everything from gentle, picked pads, to wooly, weighty-sounding pedal notes. The Drums are really nicely recorded here, too, and they sit beautifully in mixes, offering plenty of feel. I found creating Quantize templates for the grooves and then applying them to other parts worked well, so Funk Foundations certainly passes its self-appointed test of providing a bedrock feel for any tracks in the wide-ranging Funk genre. Particularly pleasing is the generous amount of 'fill' content within many of the drum loops on top of the core groove. Always a welcome addition to the end of eight bars. Funk Foundations: Very good, and very funky.

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