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Dark City 2: Cinematic Loops and Ambiences |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4 out of 5 Back to Dark City 2: Cinematic Loops and Ambiences product details

Dark City 2

So what is Dark City 2?

This is the follow up to Dark City, which is a collection of cinematic loops and ambiences

The concept behind these libraries is more of a darker, gritty sound.

This library not only comes with the wav files but you also get the midi files with it so you can use your
own instruments with the loops and arrangements.

This seems to be growing in popularity lately as I look at a lot of different libraries, which is cool.

So basically it's a collection of ambient sounds, drones, dark melodies, percussion and even a few guitars.

Quick Specs

- content: 4.9GB (1.16 GB WAV),
- format: MIDI, WAV, Apple, Kontakt 5, Rex, Acid
- price: $69.95

How does it sound?

There is a nice selection of darker ambient tones and loops in this library

I really enjoyed some of the pads and ambiances, as well as the guitars and bass.

The percussion was decent but I was more into the melodic elements of the library, they proved to be a bit
more useful for my tastes.

Overall the library lives up to it's name in sound and style, there's definitely more of a dark organic feel
here, not so much "hi-fi" or "blockbuster" style sounds.

These loops and riffs can work well in a variety of situations from sound design to ambient and electronic

Anything you're making that may benefit from something a bit darker but not too distorted or altered
could be supplemented with these sounds.

So what's the bottom line?

I dig it, I think it's a straight forward library that gives you exactly what the title says.

I give Dark City 2 a rating of 4 out of 5 subs, it's very usable, not overbearing in style so it
can mix well into a lot of different styles of music.

My favorite parts would have to be the ambient pads/beds and the guitars

If you need a little infusion of dark and mellow loops that aren't "overproduced" then you may want to
take a look at these.

To see this product in action, check out JK's video review at

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