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Piano Soundscapes |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4.5/5 Back to Piano Soundscapes product details

So what is Piano Soundscapes?

It's a collection of loops and samples based around cinematic/ambient sounds and atmospheres.

The library is geared towards film and media composers, or anyone that wants dramatic, ambient sounds in their music.

It comes in the KLI format for quick tweaking but you can also access the files directly.

Even though it's called "Piano Soundscapes" it's got way more than just piano sounds in it.

Quick Specs

• content: 8.7GB (3.6GB Wav), 52 Kontakt patches, 52 multi sample Kontakt instruments

• format: Kontakt 4/5, WAV, Rex, Apple Loops, Acid, RMX

• price: $129.95

How does it sound?

Well, you already know I'm a huge fan of ambient and atmospheric stuff, so I was excited to check this out.

It's got a very chilled-out vibe to it, but what surprised me the most was the variety and amount of content.

Sometimes if you just focus on the KLI interface you forget just how much content is included, so going through the sound files directly it was plain to see there's just a huge amount of content.

In addition to the smooth piano loops there’s amped and direct bass samples, even some dry, wet, and ambient vocal samples are included.

You get pads, soundscapes, drums, percussion, and melodic/mallet style loops also.

The recordings are great and the melodies and very smooth, perfect for anyone into downtempo, chill-out, electronica, or of course game/film production.

I also like the inclusion of the individual drum samples along with the drum loops, as well as the multi-sampled instrument files.

So what's the bottom line?

This is one of those libraries that if you're looking for this style of content, you'll definitely enjoy what's on offer.

I give Piano Soundscapes 4.5 out of 5 subs, there's a ton of useful content that sounds great, with plenty of variety. The KLI interface allows you to quickly tweak and come up with new ideas on the fly.

My only suggestion in a library like this is that it would have been cool to have more multi-sample instruments. Maybe some keys, bass, pads, etc.

Overall I dig the content and the variety, there are some really cool loops and the vocals can definitely be used in the right situation, they weren't corny at all.

If you like ambient sounds, or you need music for dramatic, romantic, or adventure films, documentaries, background music, or anything that needs a smooth touch then you'll want to check this out.

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