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Impulse Cinematic Guitar is a massive 5.5 GB sample library from Big Fish Audio created using real acoustic, electric and ethnic guitars. As the title suggests, it is geared for soundtracks, video games, film scores, TV series music, sound design and contemporary cinematic music. Impulse is comprised of 15 construction kit filled with intros, verses, bridge, chorus, outro and a full mix file for reference. Guitar loop styles include picking, tremolo, baritone, ambient, swells, slides, SFX and pulses. There are plenty of melodies, hooks and rhythms to play with but overall the loops (how they were performed) are still very ambient in nature. You know me; I love ambient music, so I’m particularly drawn to the ambient side of Impulse. The resonator ambient guitar loops are so awe-inspiring and when processed further, they can be good for drone music. If you like guitars with loads of delay, the chimes guitar loops will satisfy your need with its soothing emotional vibe. Overall, this is a useful library with endless possibilities.

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