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Ambient Black Review

Ambient BlackAmbient Black, from Big Fish Audio, is the sister library to Ambient White, and focuses on aggressive, atonal and industrial sounds for ambient music. The instrument loads into Kontakt 5 or the Kontakt 5 Player, and contains 6.5GB of audio and 280 patches, including thunderous basses: unsettling drones and atmospheres; eptc, distorted percussive and melodic instruments: and looped rhythms and terrifying effects. Various organic sound sources and found sounds were used, alongside synths and prepared instruments. which were then pushed with extreme sound design techniques. You don't get much control over the patches, with sliders for distortion. lo-fi, limiter, EQ, reverb and delay, but the sounds are extremely well designed.

Key Features:
• Dark and industrial sounds
• Over 6.5GB of uncompressed WAV audio
• Loads into Kontakt 5 or the Kontakt 5 Player
• Over 280 instrument patches
• Organic and electronic sound sources

MT Verdict

Although lacking slightly in editing flexibility, this is an incredibly well-produced collection of terrifying and unsettling sounds that would be an excellent toolkit for anyone working on dark music or media projects.

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