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Cinematic Synth FX |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4/5 Back to Cinematic Synth FX product details

What is Cinematic Synth FX?

It is a collection of FX for cinematic and sound design use.

Think of things like risers, fallers, transitions, hits, slow downs, glitches, etc.

The product is in KLI format so it has an intuitive Kontakt interface that allows you to quickly change the sounds with multiple FX, filters, eqs, and reverb.

The idea is to make it really easy to access high quality FX as well as tweak them as needed for your own productions.

Quick Specs
content: 1.68GB
format: Kontakt 5, WAV
price: $99.95

So how does it sound?

The FX sound great, lots of layered elements as well as the single FX, all with an instantly useable quality.

I really loved some of the drones, textures, and risers. The slow-downs were great too.

Though everything sounds great on its own, it’s really fun to tweak with the FX directly in the interface.

Adding delay, reverb, chorus, or even a simple filter can quickly change the sounds into your own.

Of course you can totally mess things up with the screamer and lo fi effects as well.

These FX sound great out of the box, but you can quickly tweak to taste thanks to the KLI interface.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you need a collection of high quality FX that sound great but are also easy to tweak and customize then you may want to check this one out.

I give Cinematic Synth FX 4 out of 5 subs, the FX themselves sound great and the KLI interface encourages you to quickly tweak them and make them your own.

Not to mention you can access the wav files directly so you can load them up in your own sampler, add your own FX, and really customize the content.

Sure they are called “cinematic” but these FX will be at home in any type of production from scoring, to urban, pop, and edm music.

If you need high quality FX with plenty of variety then don’t sleep on this.

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