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Modern Rock | Sample Library Review

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Each of the kits is broken into verse, chorus, bridge/breakdown and outro to give even inexperienced songwriters and producers a roadmap by which to craft tunes. Then, Big Fish cranks it up further by providing both “amped” and “live” versions of each loop.

Big Fish Audio’s been developing quality sample instruments and loop libraries for decades with titles ranging from cinematic to punk, jazz to country and virtually everything in between. Modern Rock Guitar and Bass loops is a fine collection of guitar and bass loops, organized in construction kit style, that are perfect for creating authentic pop and rock music scores and themes.


If you like your rock-n-roll with punchy guitar riffs, smoking hot tubes and catchy hooks, Modern Rock Guitar and Bass loops may be for you. Think Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Death Cab For Cutie for a notion of what this library might sound like. Its 27 construction kits offering relentless energy for distorted guitar day dreaming. Even at risk of injury (in my advanced years,) I found myself gleefully headbanging my way through theses demos.

Each of the kits is broken into verse, chorus, bridge/breakdown and outro to give even inexperienced songwriters and producers a roadmap by which to craft tunes. Then, Big Fish cranks it up further by providing both “amped” and “live” versions of each loop. This gives producers a chance to try their own amp simulators, plugins and processers to add a personal flair to this collection of rock and pop hits. I found this especially helpful as the guitar tones of the produced kits are nearly identical for some kits.

The collection is available in either multi-format versions including Rex, Apple and Acidized Wav files or as the KLI version which is primarily what I’ll be covering here. For those who prefer Wav or Apple Loop files, you’ll be pleased to find the kits organized in folders identified by key and tempo to make navigation expedient.

Kontakt users will find the KLI version equally well organized. Within the Kontakt file browser, open the product folder to reveal a demo instrument offering access to all 27 fully produced kits, as well as individual kit folders, labeled with Key and tempo information. A sliced loop folder is also included offering each of the loops with its own sliced version for deeper manipulation.

Each demo song is mapped to the keyboard and the corresponding information for each kit is displayed which identifies not only the key and tempo but also displays its mapped position on the keyboard such as C1 or E2. All of this results in simplified navigation.

As Big Fish Audio typically organizes content in the same way each time for all the titles in their KLI series you will feel at home very quickly. “Learn it once, use it forever.” All the kits are laid out in fully produced demo versions, making it easy to extract fully produced music beds in seconds. To preview each of the kits, open Kontakt and use the Kontakt file browser to navigate to the product folder on your hard drive. Double click the Kontakt Instrument marked “DEMO.nki” to load the demos and play any of the designated keys to preview the kit mapped to that specific key. You’ll see that each kit is described on the main screen in Kontakt, giving you kit number, tempo and key signature so you can easily set up your DAW with matching values for each new project.

Explore the “kits” folder and you’ll find that each kit is laid out as its own instrument with an intuitive key map so you can quickly identify and play each part of the kit. Note that the blue keys are mapped to playable loops for each kit. Here, you also adjust pitch and access effects, like reverb, EQ or dynamics. As I mentioned earlier, you also have the option of accessing the direct recording of each instrument, in case you want to use your own amp simulators and effects to sculpt a more custom sound. To use the amped version of each kit, you select the NKI file in the folder labeled “Amped.” Likewise, to use the direct versions, just navigate to the folder labeled “Direct.” You can see these folders clearly marked in the screen shots.

And take note here because you’ll find a duplicate set of files for the sliced loop versions of each kit. Though seemingly confusing, it is a perfectly sensible file structure once you dive in and start exploring.

Sliced loops offer even more customization possibilities, allowing you to trigger loops from variable trigger points, reverse playback and up the ante on finding inspired sounds. The sliced loops folder, like the others mentioned, contains two versions of each kit. Again, marked AMPED and DIRECT. It’s nice to have quick access to alternative recordings so you can sort of pick your own colors.

This is an older collection from BFA and the KLI version’s interface does show its age. But despite that minor sniveling, there are plenty of timeless tunes here to build or inspire your next track. Remember there are no other instruments included in this library aside from Bass and Guitar parts. You’ll need to supply your own drum and other instrument loops to build complete scores from these kits.

I strongly recommend you investigate this collection fully to be sure it meets your needs. Demos can be found on the product page at Big Fish Audio, as well as additional details about this product. Be sure to check out the excellent KLI demonstration videos, too. These will help you get the most out of your KLI enabled product.


The KLI version of Modern Rock Guitar and Bass Loops is downloadable and comes in two downloadable files. Part 1 weighs 1.75 GB while part 2 clocks in at 1.43 GB. Once expanded and installed it reveals 3.45 GB of content. That’s 1,117 different Kontakt patches including kits, demos and sliced loops. It requires the full version of Kontakt (Build 4.2 or higher.) It will not work with the free Kontakt player.

The multi-format version includes 7.59 GB of non-compressed Apple Loop content or 1,062 files as well as an Acidized Wav file version that includes the same number of files. Rex files are also included, weighing in at just 1.61 GB of content that once expanded, reveals 1,159 Rex files.

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