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The Hybridizer | Future Music

Rating: 7 out of 10 Back to The Hybridizer product details

Four CDs in one package here, the first two audio, the remainder .wav/Acidized that in total give access to 40 construction kits. And although claiming to trawl the darker side of music with repetitive beats, Hybridizer offers up a mixed bag of kits that, yes, are brash and in-yer-face, but for the most part sound entirely unbelievable in terms of coherent, finished compositions, often hybridized so far that they bear no real musical reference to the stools they have fallen between. Given that most of the kits contain between eight to 14 parts it's little wonder they sound a bit cramped. Still, trawl for individual parts and you'll find plenty of fodder for your sampler, from hard and fuzzy basses, distorted leads and guitars, driving effects and more besides that will appeal to most. Oh, and in terms of content, cut out the repetition and there would be space for twice as much on this unusual yet useable collection.

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