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Reviewer: Craig Anderton | Rating: EQ Exceptional Quality Award Back to BiPolar product details


You don't see a lot of drum 'n' bass sample CDs, so it's good news that this construction kit-based CD really delivers the goods. There are 35 folders, each with two to four complete loops, along with the elements that make up those loops (including individual drum hits) - 949 files, or 568MB, total. Tempos are 170 or 175 BPM; folder names specify the key. All the sounds are authentic, well-recorded, and . . . well, check out my demo at

Of special note: the synth effects aren't genre-specific and would work well in other contexts. Thoughtfully, they're loops rather than one-shots. However, note that loops intended to be mixed softer are cut softer. While this speeds up the process of creating a tune using the "construction kit" approach, if you use the loops for other purposes, you'll likely need to bump up the levels a bit.

Although the acidization is okay, it's not great. That's too bad, because some of these loops are otherwise very useable when slowed down to the 140 BPM range. But tweak a bunch of markers, add in the missing ones, and you're good to go.

D'n'B may not be the heartbeat of mainstream America, but there are pockets where it's huge. If you're into the genre, or just need to put together a sound track with the right vibe, this CD is all killer - no filler.

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