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Rating: 9 out of 10 Back to Cut'n It Up 3 product details

The hip-hop orientated Cut'n It Up series now has a third volume. It
comprises four discs, the first two containing audio and the second pair
dealing with .wavs and - Reason users rejoice - .rex files. Good
work on the multiple format support, then, but has producer John Tejada
come up with the sonic goods?

CD 1 handles construction kits, with tempos ranging from 95-104bpm. The
beats are consistently taut and funky, and some clever instrumentation
helps add variety. In fact, a very wide palette of sounds has been
called upon - guitars, synths, basses, horns, pianos, flutes and
scratches... they're all here.

CD 2 continues in the same construction kit vein, although in this case
the tempos range from 90-109bpm. It's impressive to note that, despite
there being loads of them, their quality rarely dips below excellent.
And while some have a very much old skool vibe, the collection as a
whole has a contemporary feel. It also contains a number of scratches.
Cut'n It Up 3 has clearly been crafted with some care - John Tejada
knows how to produce construction kits. If you're looking for some
hip-hop inspiration, this could be just the ticket.

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