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My expectations were pretty high for Bipolar, this two-disc set is a collection of d'n'b loops that include both the full mixes and their individual elements as construction kits. I was impressed with the range of keys - everything from a plain ol' E min to a more unusual F# min is on hand. "Bandicoot" is one standout performance, as Polar incorporates both typical (drums, bass) and atypical (flute) instruments of the d'n'b style.

Though this is a drum'n'bass collection, I liked the bass more than the drums. Obviously produced and recorded with great care, the drums failed to fuel my inspiration. I found that the other elements of each construction kit were much more compelling. Your mileage may vary.

If you're after some great synth and vocal textures to add to your grooves, and have a copy of Acid or Sonar around, you'll be able to take advantage of the potential Bipolar has to offer.

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