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Cut'n It Up 2 | Interface Magazine

Rating: Contents: 9 Originality: 9 Sound quality: 8 Price/performance: 9.5 Back to Cut'n It Up 2 product details

Nothing really changes so fast as the style of music in the hip hop scene. A while ago it all should have been real smooth, nowadays the more raw and funky sound is back in town. The first volume of this title did very well, so we had high expectations of this release.

All possible resources have been depth out to make this release as complete as possible, and that's why you'll get a 4 CD set, 2 audio and 2 with WAV files, for your hard earned. At least more than 90 construction kits and more than 200 loops are the ingredients. But the best part is that the sound of the contents find their influence out of big American hip hop artists like The Neptunes and Guru.

The character of the set is raw but it's also definitely funky. With the sound quality itself there's nothing wrong. The sound itself is raw as it hits the dynamics that really blow to give you the maximum. In other words, this one is a must have for everybody that's into hip hop.

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