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The installment of lopmasters' Origin Series is an eclectic rest stop at your favoerite chillout room. Lounge/Chillout packs just over 500 MB of "session" material onto a value-priced multi format Mac/PC discs. You get folders of fretless bass loops, drum loops and instrument sequences, each containing subfolders of interchangeable material ranging from 70 to 120 bpm in 5 bpm increments. Other folders include Drum Kits (10 kits as WAV and Redrum files), Percussion, FX & Atmospheres, and Pads. Although these are provided as WAV and NNXT patches, I found them to be incorrectly mapped. Alas, the library hold its own as an impeccably recorded inspirational journey with loads of happy surprises along the way. The drum loops are outstanding, tight and original, as well as tempo-grouped into families of compatible variations and mixes, and the redrum kits are wonderful gems brimming with character and luster. My favorites, though, have to be the instrument sequences, which are jam-packed with strangely cohesive material like tasty-to-spacey synth leads, bouncing filtered hook lines, clean-to-crusty electric pianos, fluttering flutes, Jean Michel Jarre-style synth stabs and more.

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