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Drum 'n Bass: Journey to the Light | Interface Magazine

Rating: Contents: 8.5 Originality: 9 Sound quality: 9 Price/performance: 8.5 Back to Drum 'n Bass: Journey to the Light product details

Drum & bass itself is a real British thing, but that couldn't keep Big Fish Audio away from releasing a D&B title. Producer Jamie Myerson was flown in to make this.

Just like a lot of Big Fish products, also here is the construction kit concept. There are 25 of them to choose from, but if that is not good enough there are also more than 500 sounds to choose from. The contents of the kits are very well chosen and with a lot of care. Some of them have fine cool jazzy influences while others have that typical raw sound. The most funny thing is that all kits, or separated loops, are kept to 168 BPM and have acoustic drums. It all should be enough to be inspired without a doubt.

The sound quality of this set is just like the contents also very good but on some points we've missed some dynamics within the sounds, but with your own imagination on the mixer-board it all works very fine.

As for the final round we only can say that it's a good product that'll find its way to many drum&bass producers.

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